5 Tips To Prepare For Your Consultation

1) Have a list of all your entries and exits into the United States if you don’t have a green card. 

Have a list of all your entries and exits into the United States if you don’t have a green card. It’s fine if you don’t remember the exact dates, but try your best. The attorney will also want to know through what city you entered the United States and whether you entered the country with a visa or without permission.

2) If you’ve ever been arrested or charged with a crime, even if it was dismissed or expunged, have that information ready

The attorney will want to know the dates of arrests or charges, location (even if outside of the United States), reason for the arrests or charges, and the final outcome. If you have records related to your criminal history, bring them to the consultation or email them to the attorney beforehand. 

3) If a family member has ever filed an immigration petition for you, your parent or your spouse, please have a copy of the receipt or approval notice available during the consultation.

If you cannot obtain a copy, try to determine when the petition was filed. 

4) If you’ve ever had contact with any immigration authorities inside the United States or along the border as you tried to enter, have details about that encounter ready.

The attorney will want to know when and where the contact was, whether you signed any document or appeared before an immigration judge, and whether you were told it was a deportation. 

5) Write down questions you would like to ask during the consultation and gather documents you would like to show the attorney.

To take the most advantage of your consultation, our office recommends you write down questions about your case so that you don’t forget to ask the attorney. You may also bring any documents you would like the attorney to review, including immigration records such as denial letters, green cards, work permits, and approval notices.