Our Immigration Services — How it Works

When you hire the services of Law Office of Irma Pérez PC, you’ll be working with an attorney whose experience in immigration law is unmatched. Because our law office handles complicated cases and values direct contact with clients, the attorney is selective in the clients, case types, and number of cases she handles to ensure superior service.

Step 1 – Complete the screening process online or over the phone with the attorney.

Our office conducts a free screen to ensure that we have the capacity to help you with your case. You can complete the online case assessment or call 626-360-4787 to schedule a screening appointment over the phone.

Step 2 – Attend consultation with the attorney to discuss your options.

The attorney will meet with you for up to one hour to review your immigration history, discuss whether she can help you remain in the United States, and the cost for the office’s legal services. You will also be able to ask the attorney questions you have about your case. It is important for you to know that consultations, like screenings, are confidential and we want you to be open with information so the attorney can provide a best assessment of your case, including any risks associated with it. To prepare for the consultation, read this blog post. Our office charges $250 for the consultation.

Step 3 – Sign legal services agreement, make initial payment, and submit initial evidence to the office.

The attorney will provide an agreement for your review and signature. For the attorney to start work on your case, we need you to submit the initial payment and evidence to our office.

Step 4 – Meet with the attorney to review case forms before submission.

The attorney will review the completed application forms for your case to ensure everything is accurate and complete before submission. After submission, our office will monitor the case to ensure it is moving along as expected and communicate any updates with you.

Step 5 – Meet with the attorney to prepare for your interview or your court hearing.

If your case requires an interview or a court hearing, the attorney will meet with you to prepare for the interview or hearing, including providing you a list of evidence to bring and practicing the questions the government officer may ask you.

Step 6 – Attend your interview or court hearing with the attorney’s presence.

If your case requires an interview or a court hearing inside the United States, the attorney will attend the interview or hearing with you to ensure that your rights are respected and that the government officials understand the legal arguments for your case.